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Published on April 15, 2004
Ready to roll — Silent foregin globetrotter finds many kindred souls who help him recuperate after near-fatal I-74 accident.
Six months ago, a motorcycle wreck crumpled Vladimir Yarets into a pile of broken bones. Now he’s almost ready to roll again.
Thanks to the endless kindness of central Illinois and beyond, the Russian national soon will continue his quest to become the first deaf-mute to ride a motorcycle through every country on Earth.
“If you’re going to get yourself run over by a truck, then do it somewhere around Peoria,” says one of

Published on October 29, 2003

Flash cards, interpreters help Russian

Battered and broken, Vladimir Yarets still doesn’t know how he ended up in the hospital.
But Yarets, 62, is sure about one thing: If you fall off a motorcycle, you have to get right back on. And as soon as his bones heal, the deaf and mute Russian plans to resume his ride around the world.

Visitors, interpreters and medical staff danced into and out of his room at OSF Saint Francis Medical Center on Tuesday. He’s been there since a semi blasted him off his bike

Published on October 28, 2003

Distance rider interrupted on major motorcycle trek

Vladimir Yarets is quirky in many ways, but two things about him are certain: He’s got guts and he’s got friends – plenty of each.
The Russian has been on a quest to ride his ramshackle motorcycle in every country around the world. To add to the daunting challenge, he’s 62, penniless, deaf and mute. And now he’s a pile of broken bones.
Two weeks ago, as Yarets passed through McLean County, a semitrailer bashed his bike, sending him