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Archive for August, 2011

“I am now in Slovenia, in the capital city Ljubljana. I have travel from Zagreb (Croatia) to Ljubljana and that was 135km. Hurray!” (7 aug 2011)
“I came from Budapest, Hungary to Zagreb (Croatia) on 5.8.2011 on my motorcycle. It was a long journey, 395km, but I was happy to finally make it. Im staying at Omladinski Hostel and I like it a lot.” (6 aug 2011) Vladimir A. Yarets

Vladimir wanted to go to Croacia from Beograd on 30.07.2011. But at the border he had to go back, because he didn`t have visa. So he went back to Beograd, but there they couldn`t help him, so on 31.07.2011 he went to Hungary, Budapest. 430 km. In Budapest, he went to the Croatian consul, where he finally got his VISA. Hurray!!
And on 05.08.2011 he will be on his way to Zagreb, Croacia again.

Thank You, Krisztian!