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Archive for August, 2012

Vladimir Yarets just went from Germany (Munich) – Austria – Slovenia (Ljubljana).. He past 480 km and all together 15 tunnels!! HURRAY!!!!!
Thank you, Denis!

Vladimir Yarets went from Berlin to Munich! 600 km, Hurray!
Thank You, Susanne 🙂
Thank You Michael!!))

and I was highly surprised when seeing Argentinean stickers on his bike. As a biker too (vstrom 650, 50.000Km in 3 years) I took a photo with my son and Vladimir with his bike for my collection. I hope he has best of luck necessary to achieve his goal of entering in Guinness records if is not already. A pleasure to meet him. Cheers. Julian. 😎
Julian Brizzi (City Bell, Buenos Aires, Argentina)