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November 14 2009

Yarets V.A. has arrived in Youth Hostel of Rome (Italy)

November 11 2009

…Lion, Marsell, Nizza (France)…Next stop?… p.s. Thank You, Ben!

November 07 2009

Vladimir has arrived in Paris (France) this evening on the 6th Nov 2009… Thank You, Bella!

November 03 2009

Yarets arrived today in Amsterdam (Holland) 02-11-2009. He had a great 5 hour trip from Koln. Next stop maybe …France?
Thank You, David for information… ))) Admin

November 01 2009

Special for the Polish customs


Russian motoring around world
SINGAPORE (Reuters Life!)

Octobre 20 2009

Meeting of the father and the son Yarets – Poznan (Poland)

August 27 2009

NORWAY-Nordkapp: 71*10`21“=HURRAY!!!
MUSEUM: 5 MAY 1941(68,4): MOTO BMW-650
27.08.2009 (14.30-15.20)=MUSEUM

June 30 2009

Vladimir A. Yarets has arrived on june 30th 2009 in Frankfurt (Germany).
He flew from Dubai U.A.E. via plane to Germany, it is to hot to drive, it is more than 45 degrese in Dubai. After the Embassy of Iran did not give him visa he had to find another way, so he drove to Dubai, but when he reeached there he was not able fight against the heat longer than 110 days, so his only option to go on was to take the plan.

June 06 2009

Now – Dubai. Next country – Iran!

April 04 2009

Article about V.A. Yaretsoriginal here

Mart 17 2009

Next country – OMAN!

Mart 01 2009

The traveller has arrived in Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

January 2009

Happy New Year and Christmas!

Septembre 18 2008

Vladimir Yarets going to Malaysia

Маrt 26 2008


Маrt 9 2008

About Vladimir Yarets- ELECTRIC NEWS (Singapore).

February 23 2008

Last photos from Taiwan click here.

Januare 30 2008

Yarets V.A. back to Hong Kong.

Octobre 14 2007

TOTAL – 8542km, moterciklu – 7442 km, ferie – 1100 km
HONSNU – 3774 km, HOKKAIDO – 2000 km, SHIKOKU – 600 km, KIYUSHU – 608 km, AWAJISHIMA – 60 km, OKINAWA – 200 km
Total – 80 days

Octobre 6 2007

A short story and picture of my encounter in Kyoto with Vladimir

… Appena rientrato a Kyoto, giravo – perso – per Sanjo-Teramachi. Incontro un po’ di stranieri (residenti) dalle mani sudate, di quelli dei quali incontri sempre lo sguardo per negozi ma che non sai mai come si chiamano e dove li hai visti la prima volta.
read more…

Septembre 29 2007

He alound Tokyo, Nagoya, Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe, Awaji, Tokushima, Awa, Msukumo, Shimanto, Kurasiki etc…..
He come to Hiroshima at 9.27.2007 and he ride 6,800 km in Japan.

Septembre 14 2007

The last photo from Japan

August 6 2007

Yarets V.A. now in Japan (Tokyo Sumidagawa Youth Hostel)

Jule 16 2007

Yarets join celebrate a opening ceremony of the activities of Hong Kong, Central and Western District cleaning the country side

June 10 2007

Forum in Hong Kong
yarets (v man in Hong Kong)

June 9 2007

Adieu , Australia and HongKong… Hallo Taiwan and Japan! – VIZA TAIWAN – 6 JUN – 6 SEP 2007 60days NURRAY!!!

VIZA JAPAN – 8 JUN – 8 SEP 2007 90days NURRAY!!!

April 5, 2007

Vladimi has done 6500km to date in 75 days! Loves New Zeland best, loves the kiwi, say Queen would be proud! Very bumpy long road to Cape reinga (40km gravel) but worth it. Very beautiful. Homer tunnel very dark and scary but good views Nz is 90% windy, 10% straight roads.
Did not fall off at all!! I am 66 years old and what an achievment! New Zeland is no1 place! He loves the kiwis!!! Queen would be proud. Very few roadworks all roads very good for bikes. Off to China next!!!

February 05, 2007

Article about Vladimir A. Yarets in the Australian Motorcycle News Magazine see here

Sunday, November 05, 2006

“In Melbourne this week is a man on a stopover travelling around the world on his motorbike. Vladimir A. Yarets from Minsk, Belarus is aiming to be commemorated in the Guinness Book of world records as the first deaf person to travel round-the-world on a motorbike…”

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Listen to Tim Cox talking about Vladimir on today’s ABC Mornings show.

Оctober 21 2006

SBS Radio – Russian (Ausrtalia) – Presented by Sima Tsyskin – son Vladimir talks about his dad with great pride
Listen here

Оctober 19 2006

Go to Tasmania and New Zeland!

Juli 02 2006

Vladimir in Australia

Yarets Vladimir Alekseevich - Round The World Trip, motocicle, minsk, belarus, foto, the Guinness Book of World Records, deaf, mute, Jawa 350, the photo, motorcycle, bikers, tourists cross-country run Yarets Vladimir Alekseevich - Round The World Trip, motocicle, minsk, belarus, foto, the Guinness Book of World Records, deaf, mute, Jawa 350, the photo, motorcycle, bikers, tourists cross-country run

March 12 2006

Vladimir waits visa to Australia

January 23 2006

Australia – ??? … Go to Gonolulu!!!!

December 24 2005

With All Best Wishes for the Christmas Season!!!!

Осtober 04 2005

GO to Australia!!!

August 1 2005

See new photo to Gallery!

June 04 2005

Le site de Yarets Vladimir
J’ai rencontre Yarets a Toronto. Il est Bellarusse, sourd et muet et il fait le tour du monde a moto. Il est partit de Minsk en 2000 et a deja traverse 29 pays dont les 50 etats Americains. Il compte maintenant se rendre en Amerique du sud. Respect

Маy 2 2005

All – Vladimir is back in the U.S. after travelling Mexico and several other L.A. countries, and now is in Texas, working
to get his visa to ….JAPAN!
The hostel phone number is 512 444 2294, he is staying till tomorrow, possibly a bit longer. The hostel manager’s name is

Маrch 25 2005

Yarets V.A. – in Mexica…

December 25 2004

He will check in San Fransico for a trip to Japan later in spring if he can get a permit. He is very happy that he can travel to USA for one year. He likes to travel in USA because of good weather and good people and good roads. He said: Canada is very solid country, but not many towns along highway across Canada.
He said: “Merry Christmas to my family in Minsk. Wish you all good health and Happy New Year in 2005!”

December 18 2004

Vladimir stayed here overnight in Vancouver BC. He is leaving for San Fransico (Califorfnia) this morning.

December 01 2004

He got a visa for one year in US from Dec 10 2004 to Dec 9 2005.