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"Русский Экспресс"
"Russian Rider Reaches Rockaway"
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Face To Face With Vladimir (ноябрь 2003)
"Вечерний Минск"
The Register-Mail: Russian motoring around world (07/30/05)
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Vladimir Yarets. He was clean-shaven (unlike most of his pictures), so I was slow to recognize him. Using my extremely limited sign language skills, some made up hand signals, his communication cards and the map on the side of his jumbo...
Yarets Vladimir left Minsk, the capital city of Belarus, on May 27, 2000, on a journey which he hopes will see him written into the Guinness Book of World Records as the first deaf/mute to travel by motorbike through Russia, Europe...
Traveler's Tale :: Vladimir A. Yarets - tribe.net
Traveling has always been the biggest dream for Vladimir. He started his numerous journeys in 1967. The first space to conquer was the whole territory of the USSR - from Belarus to Magadan.
These are some of the questions Vladimir Yarets faced when he decided to head out on a 6 year round the world motorcycle trip. However unlike myself Vladimir had a much bigger question he needed to face, how can I travel around the...
Deaf Today v2.0: Is cyclist a Heaven's Angel?
Deaf and mute, Vladimir Yarets, a 61-year-old Belarussian who looks like Fidel Castro with wild eyes, is making his way around the world on a motorcycle. Some of the people who have put him up say that angels are guiding him.
Yesterday I met Vladimir Yarets, a Belarus citizen which have the goal of being the first mute in circle the entire globe... He is at this moment in.
girlonaglide: April 2004
It's been nearly seven months since Belorussian motorcylist Vladimir Yarets regained consciousness in a Peoria hospital and wondered what the heck hit him.
Hell's Half Acre: Vladimir Yarets - Intrepid Traveller
I had the good fortune of meeting this amazing gentleman in September , while walking around San Francisco - Vladimir Yarets.

Deafweekly - July 27, 2005 Vol. 1 No. 41
...he'll then travel south to Australia, west to Africa, and home to Belarus by 2006.
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Vladimir Yarets International Motorcyclist
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